Edo's Yu-Gi-Oh! PC Game Source Code

Almost from the beginning of programming and distributing this program, people have asked for the source code. Since I no longer really intend to update the program, the source code for the game is located below. There are a few warnings, however.

First of all, one of the reasons that I didn't distribute the code is that it is what is known as "spaghetti code," which means that lots of code points to other code with no rhyme or reason. The reason this happened is that I started writing the game before I learned more about programming conventions to keep the code clean. Unfortunately, I simply built on the code before cleaning it all up. This game is an example of how NOT to program. Did I mention the sheer amount of global variables?

Second, this game was programmed in Visual Basic 5.0, which was kindly provided to me by a systems analyst friends who had upgraded to 6.0, and no longer needed his 5.0. If you do not know what Visual Basic is, do not contact me about it. It's best that you don't meddle in it if you don't know what it means...and you wouldn't be able to use it anyway. No, this program won't work with the "free" Visual Basic-ish program framework you can download from the Microsoft site.

Third, the code is an absolute MAZE. I don't think I would know how to program it or what anything did anymore. If you can't find out how to use it, I can't help you, since I probably don't know either. The size and weight of the code are also monstrous, and regularly clock in at over 2 MB.

Fourth, there are nearly no graphics included in the game, which lowers the download size. If you're looking for a complete package of all the cart art, I'm afraid I can't help you.

Fifth, well, there's no real fifth. Just remember, if you download this and meddle with it, I can't help you. I take no responsibility for damage to your system (I doubt there will be) or damage to your sanity (which there most likely will be).

If you have read and understood all of the above, you can download the source code by the following links. They are in 7-Zip format. Yes, there are a lot of files that needed to be split up, but for some reason, when you pay for hosting, the file size limit is 5 MB.