Edo's Yu-Gi-Oh! Proxy Cards

A few years ago, with some scans that I made from my own DVDs, I made a number of proxy Yu-Gi-Oh! cards from the animated series that probably weren't going to make it into the real card game. Since my old site is gone, the cards are also gone, and I am putting them back up for reference. A handful of cards actually did make it into the real card game, but overall, these are cards that appeared in the animated series and/or comic. I have tried to make the cards based on the text that is readable from the capture of the DVDs, and failing that, what the character said about them.

Anyway, I have uploaded all of the original proxies, plus some other miscellaneous stuff I worked on. They are on Imageshack, in albums.

Album 1 Album 2 Album 3 Album 4 Album 5 Album 6