Edo Laser Disc (ELD)

So, what the heck is EdoLD? Well, it's a program to make your own laserdisc-like games, similar to Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, and the like.

It's a very small program, and has its own minor programming language in order to create games, so if you're not good with programming languages, this program may not be for you. It was written in Visual Basic 5.0. I'm not sure if any DLLs or codecs may needed for the game.

Since it's pretty much a small progam, I wouldn't expect too much out of it. I did take a Claymore video file and made a small game out of it to test the coding. (No, it's not included in the very small ZIP file below, and won't be, since it's copyrighted material.)

Once you create a game, press '1' to "insert a coin." and press '2' to start. I'll add those to the files here some time in the future.

Comments welcome. They can be directed to the e-mail address in the readme file in the ZIP file, or from the sidebar of my home page.