Welcome to Edo's Home Page


The name "Edo" conjures up some mixed feelings for some people. I'm famous -- and infamous -- for a lot of things in certain communities, namely Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, in that order. Usually, this is on the translation front, which is what the aforementioned mixed feelings come from. I'm either the hero or the villain for translations, and while you may debate on my take, you can't debate that there are few who have done it for free on the Internet. Yes, I do know Japanese (and have the second highest level proficiency in the language -- and even saying so, is not much). Yes, I have lived in Japan, and breathed the language for three years straight. Debate that all you want, but it's a fact.

No, the name "Edo" is not my real name. It's a nickname my father has called me since we lived in Japan in the early 80's, and that's also what I was called when living in Japan afterword. It's stuck, and that's my handle now.