A Profile of Ed Hrzic

The one that mortals, and a certain heavenly entity, call Edward Thomas Hrzic III ('Ed' to his friends) was born just before noon on the thirty-first day of January, in the year of 1977, in Agana Heights, Guam. The (tired) mother was Yvonne Eileen Fitte and the (overjoyed) father was one Mister Edward Thomas Hrzic Jr.

Immediately being born into a Marine Corp family, over the course of more than two decades, Ed would be moving around the globe. He has been to two other countries besides the United States: Japan and Spain. His other travels took him through the U.S. mainland and Hawai'i (where he currently resides).

Ed isn't necessarily a person who makes a grand impression when walking into a room. By this, it means that he isn't a very noticeable person, and is relatively "normal." However, Ed is a slightly intriguing individual when one gets to know him. He is a friendly chap, and sociable. He's relatively kind, and people tend to get along greatly with him, and think semi-highly of him. He's the typical "nice guy." He can be an obnoxious individual. He is also vindictive, if you fail to give him the benefit of teh doubt, or take his niceties for granted.

Overall, Ed is a pretty decent fellow.

Ed is current enrolled at Hawai'i PAcific University, taking satellite course (read: night, excellerated courses) for a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science: Software Engineering. He has three more months before the degree is complete.


Barbeque sauce! The universal condiment!

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