First Time

Your First Time...?

Hello, and welcome to Ed's Home Page!, or how I like to affectionately call it, EHP!. Since this is your first time here, you should be aware of several things that I have inside of these pages.

EHP! has several different things in it, mostly all related to my own interest in particular. This includes anime (Japanese animation), Role-playing Games, Collectible Card Games, Fanfiction, and many other small bits of information.

That data collected and posted through these pages MAY NOT be used for any commercial purposes. You also MAY NOT claim authorship, nor ownership, of the characters or information inside, as they are MY creations. By copying, downloading, and/or reading these files, you are consenting to this.

The statistics on many of the role-playing games may not be the best, or just not following the rules to a 'T.' I like creating characters for various games, but I rarely get to play them. Also, much of the information and statistics may not conform well within the given game perameters. DO NOT write, saying "Hey, you can't do this," mainly because, I already have. Remember that ALL role-playing games are at the descretion of the Game Master. So think about that before you put my head on the chopping block.

I hope you have good time at EHP! and visit it several times in the future.

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